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Today, he is a much sought after photographer. He takes an unobtrusive and relaxed approach to wedding photography, and his images capture the unique spirit and moments. His wedding portraits express a calm appeal- the bride and groom flush their smiles naturally and spontaneously. He eschews the contrivances where the newlyweds pose stiffly with feigned expressions. He knows how to get great pictures while letting the bridal couple enjoy their wedding day. Thus, he uses various shooting techniques from formal and posed to journalistic and candid.

Lito Genilo of Smart Shot Studio takes picture like no other. Relaxed and unobtrusive but ever alert, Lito always manages to capture and preserve on film the best and happiest moments of each wedding. In his growing body of work, rarely do we find couples and their guests posing stiffly and with feigned or forced expressions on their faces. Instead, we mostly see normal people just having a good time, enjoying their special day naturally and quite spontaneously. Lito, who has won several awards here and abroad, is well-known among the circle of wedding and portrait photographers for his bold, innovative and trendsetting ways.

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